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Canvas Size versus Ruler measure.

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Hi All

I was never bothered about size before, I just hacked around. But now I have a need for making a project of a specific size. So I set my canvas at 12 X 12 cm at a res of 96dpi. OK so far. When I view the canvas, though, it only measures 11.5 cm against the ruler. Am I going doo-lally? or is something else going on here? This is confusing me a bit. (Not very difficult to do at the best of times.)




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Against which ruler? The paint.net one? The paint.net one should show 12 cm,


I proposed once to implement WYSIWYG if you select 100% cm or 100% inch in the status bar but I guess that's not important for most of the users and may be confusing.


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8 hours ago, midora said:

You have to switch from px to cm in the status bar. The rulers will then show cm in the top/left corner.


This. The rulers use the currently selected unit (as displayed in the Status Bar) and also at the convergence of the rulers (the top left corner).

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