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Best method to recolor a game texture?

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I am trying to recolor an armor texture in Fallout 4. The image has different parts in black, brown (I want to keep those) and parts in different shades of the general color (blue in my case)

I want to change the blue to another color.

I used the lasso to transfer the brown and black to another layer.

Now, I want to modify the blue parts, but I don't know the best tool to use.

I tried the Recolor Tool, but I don't really like what it does.

By that, I mean: Does it recolors with the same "delta"? Meaning, say the tolerance is 50 %. The pixel that is 25 % different from the secondary color will be recolored. Is it recolored to the primary color, or to the primary color plus the same 25 % difference?

Is there a better tool I should use? Thanks !

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Have you tried the built-in Adjustments>Hue/Saturation or BoltBait's Hue/Saturation+ to modify the hue? I often use those adjustments to modify colors. In fact, if you use Hue/Saturation+, you can probably change the blue in the original image to another color, while not affecting the black and brown; you'll need to set the ranges to include only the blue shades.

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  1. Add a new layer above the image.
  2. Set the Blend mode to Overlay.
  3. Paint over the parts you want to recolor with an appropriately colored brush.

This technique is largely how I recolored this model from grayscale.


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Thanks for the comments.

I used the Black and White + to get a "greyscale" layer, and the color I get is good. I'll need to work a bit more on the separation in two layers.

I tried Hue/Saturation+ , but I find it difficult to get exactly what I want.

Thanks again!

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