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Expand and blend DEM

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Hi there,


I am hoping there is a way to do this in Paint.Net. In short here is what I'm trying to do.


I have an image (single band grayscale) of DEM. I would like to expand it and then blend with randomly generated values (Perlin noise would suffice for start). Starting point is in the centre below. 


Ideally, there would be a buffer area around source/centre image that would copy values from centre and blend to other/bigger image. 


All suggestions and ideas are welcome.


EDIT: added link to image.




Thank you. 


DEM blending.png

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How is this different from what you asked here?


The problem is that you're smaller image has value noise at a tighter density than the background. What I'd try is mirroring the small image across each of it's edges then fading out the mirrors from the centre.





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Bound to be, however I did that ^^ in about four minutes flat.

  1. Make a selection around the smaller image
  2. Copy it with Ctrl + C
  3. Paste the copied selection into a new layer with Ctrl + Shift + V
  4. Grab the middle left hand control nub and drag it to the right to mirror the image across the right edge.
  5. Repeat 3 (you are re-pasting the original selection).
  6. Grab the middle right hand control nub and drag it to the left to mirror the image across the left edge.
  7. Repeat 3.
  8. Grab the middle top control.....
  9. Repeat 3.
  10. Grab the middle bottom control....
  11. Merge the four new layers.
  12. Use Radial Gradient + Transparent mode to fade out the mirrored images.

There are other tools & techniques for step 12. Try a search for TR's Edge Fader Extreme for example.


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PS you can also mirror diagonally between steps 10 and 11.

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