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Question regarding the terms of use of Paint.NET plugins

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According to the website, Paint.NET is licensed for business, commercial, school, and government use, etc., meaning that you can sell images you create or your own photos that you edit using the software.  Does this also apply to the plugins?  For example, if I take a photo with my digital camera, then use the Sharpen+ plugin by Tanel, can I still sell my photo?  Same question for the other plugins published here.  Do I need to contact the individual plugin authors to ask permission, or is it assumed that plugins can be used for the same uses permitted by the software?




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If you are simply using the plugins in the manipulation of your images, you can pretty much use them without compensation and you are free to sell your images.


What is strictly forbidden without specific permission of the plugin authors is to redistribute the plugins or to charge money for the plugins themselves.  If you wish to promote someone's plugins, posting a link to their plugin thread is appropriate.  Hosting the plugins on your own website, selling the plugins on a CD, or including them in a magazine is against the rules (unless you get specific permission from the plugin author).


All that said, if you find yourself getting a lot of value from someone's plugins, I do recommend sending that plugin author a donation--you can usually find a donation link/button on the plugin thread here at the forums.  You'll feel good, and I can assure you the plugin author will feel good too.


And, don't forget to donate to @Rick Brewster.  That keeps Paint.NET free and the features coming.

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