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UriProperty Description issue

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I can't tell what's wrong just from the screenshot. What are you setting the property values to?


Code that repros this would be useful. Really can't do much with a screenshot here.

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Reduced to the relevant code


        protected override PropertyCollection OnCreatePropertyCollection()
            // Add properties of all types and control types (always the variant with minimal parameters)
            List<Property> props = new List<Property>
                new UriProperty(PropertyNames.UriProperty, new Uri("https://forums.getpaint.net")),

            // Add rules (this list may be empty or null)
            List<PropertyCollectionRule> propRules = new List<PropertyCollectionRule>()
            return new PropertyCollection(props, propRules);

        protected override ControlInfo OnCreateConfigUI(PropertyCollection props)
            ControlInfo configUI = CreateDefaultConfigUI(props);
            configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(PropertyNames.UriProperty, ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName,
                "UriProperty - LinkLabel (Default)");
            configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(PropertyNames.UriProperty, ControlInfoPropertyNames.Description,
            return configUI;


This from my PdnUiAllPropertyBasedControls test app.


You know I'm refactoring OBL in parallel . So I'm also using this pluging to check which PropertyControls allow which ControlInfoPropertyNames settings.


I checked which PropertyControl uses Footnote and figured out that Footnote is used only as Description for the BooleanProperty (I assume because Description is used for the text of the Checkbox and to change this would break most of the existing plugins. I would prefer a different solution. Allow ButtonText to set the text of the checkbox and if ButtonText is used then Description could get its standard meaning. but I understand that the internal code would be not so nice to implement such a solution)


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OK this maybe a misinterpretation . It seems now that Description is used to change the visible text of the link. But clicking still calls the real link.

And Footnote does nothing.

I don't think its a good idea that Description has two different meanings depending on the context. ButtonText would be a better candidate IMHO.


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35 minutes ago, midora said:

It seems now that Description is used to change the visible text of the link. But clicking still calls the real link.


That is correct.

If you hover over the link it will show a tool tip with the URL.


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