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Eraser shape

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Adding on to this thread, is it possible to get a plugin that uses presaved images as erasers? I'm trying to mimic grass texture after I render a block of grass, but it's a bit annoying to drag around the png I'm currently using as an eraser and replicate it a couple dozen times just to get the right look.




My "eraser":


I duplicate the image on several layers, then use the magic wand (shift+click) to select all the black:


Finally, I delete it from the grass layer:


Although it does the job, it takes ridiculously long and the result isn't great...any tips?


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If you use my Selection2 clear plugin it would save having to reselect your "eraser" shape each time. In my pack - link in Sig below.
Unfortunately deleting selections tends to leave a 'pixelated' edge, so I avoid it when possible.
Personally I would use the Furblur plugin to soften the edge of the grass but you could also explore using the Brush factory plugin. (You can easily create your own grass brush)

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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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@digital_oatmeal I've split your question out of the thread you posted in. @Red ochre's reply also made the cut :lol:

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