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Best Way To Remove Background/Obect For Finest Results

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Hello, I've been trying to learn and better myself with some of the Paint.net's features, one of which is background/object removal.


I found an image that is relatively easy to clean (though not the easiest). However, after cleaning the background I was left with the problem of the grass straws covering the boots and the pants of the person (as you can see from the image below). I did use the Clone Stamp tool, to remove the grass straws but it became a mess - it may not be as visible at first glance (or it is for the experienced) but the boots kind of lost their different color tones, became darker/brighter in some areas, as well as looking as they have some sorts of spots or I don't know how to call them. 


1. I used the magic wand and the eraser tools to remove and clean up the background. Any better way to do that for this particular image?


2. Is there an absolute best way to clear the boots and preserve their color shades, as best as possible? Even if I have to use multiple tools and/or effects.


3. Another thing is the embroidery on the left leg - any way I can preserve that, when removing the straws?


I am just interested in learning to give the image the best possible quality, when removing background/object.


Providing the original image, as well as edited one.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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You have done an excellent job of removing the background @brake 👍


To clean up the boots you will need to sample an area that is good and replace it over the bad.  Perhaps take a look at this post:




How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

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Thank you Pixey! It took me some time.


I haven't tried PS Plugin and Wire, as I wanted to see what can I improve with the Clone Stamp. But I will try them later today.


The thing is the Clone Stamp always leaves a trail - more or less. I did try it with 0% hardness and darken. I did use the Clone Stamp on the embroidery as well, by placing the marker on the one on the other leg - it was very difficult because both embroidries really differ in shape (not because of the folds on the pants). So along the Clone Stamp, I had to use the color picker for the embroidery and try to replace the lighter color of the straw with a similar ones on the embroidery.


Including the first image from the post as well as the second one I've just tried to cover for the Clone Stamp part. I didn't try as much to cover the straws at the very ends of the boots on the second picture - wanted to try and focus on the main part of the boots.


1. It's all still a mess but do yo notice any improvement from the previous one?


2. Also, any technique to practice with the Clone Stamp? - other than the practice itself?


Original (Edited).jpg

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