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Palette only contains 90 colors instead of 96

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Recently on my older drive, my paint.net somehow went from a max palette size of 96 to 90. I thought this was a strange glitch. But just today I bought a new hard drive, new Windows, pretty much as fresh as you can get. I installed the latest version of paint.net, but when I booted it, it once again only has 90 max colors in the palette. I can't find any settings either during install or in the program itself that could cause or undo this. And I'm not aware of this issue occuring before. At the least, this is the first time it's happened to me.


I can try to provide additional info if need be.


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5 hours ago, TommyCD1 said:

Funny, but no.


Sorry I falsely accused you of Apiril Foolery. The timing and the fact that it seemed so much like a silly trick someone might pull led me to jump to apparently unwarranted conclusions.


I do have a question: What happens if you click on the regions at the end of the rows where the entries would be? Is the foreground or background color set to white, or does it remain unchanged? If the color is set to white, you have 96 colors, but six of them are white when they should be something else. Or if the color changes to the color that would normally be at the end of the row, the problem is white is being displayed instead of the color that's there.

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4 hours ago, Rick Brewster said:

Diagnostics info would help. Go to Settings (gear icon at top right) -> Diagnostics -> click on the Copy to Clipboard, button, then paste the result here.



Clicking where the colors should be does nothing. Neither my primary nor secondary color changes, as if the palette only ever had 90 colors.

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7 minutes ago, TommyCD1 said:

DPI                                                  110 (1.15x scale)


Now that's a strange scaling. No wonder it's causing an issue.

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Yeah this seems like a rendering glitch where the size of each color rectangle is rounded up to the next whole pixel , but the container isn't accommodating them.

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