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if you click with the magic wand the white are it will select everything inside of the rectangle but not the graphic. If you invert this selection then the graphic will be selected. For sure you have to cut away everything outside of the rectangle but this is easy by using the rectangle select in Subtract mode (the third icon right to the rectangle select tool).


Sorry, I can not attach images because I already reached the limit of my account.

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12 hours ago, mafitd said:

Can someone help me how to select the entire contents of the red box on the left without having to draw around it ?

  1. Make a rectangular selection which includes all of the colored shape but does not go near the red borders.
  2. Switch to the Magic Wand tool (TIP: hit the S key four times)
  3. Hold down the CTRL key and make an additional selection between the red border and the previous selection.

...and you're done!

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Selections made by any of the Selection Tools can be chained together in this way ;)

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