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ReMake's Plugin Pack (Updated April 06, 2021)


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The effects from this package are intended for paint.net 4.2. X and beyond.


If you have any comments that are specific to a certain plugin, please post in that plugin's forum topic.



ZIP of plugin installer:



The installer has an interface in English and Russian. For all non-English-speaking users (except Russian), the interface will be presented in English.


How to use the installer.
Unzip the archive, place the RM_Effects.exe. file in a convenient location (Desktop, for example), and run it. Follow the instructions of the installer.


Note: The installer will set the effects to Documents\paint.net App Files\Effects folder regardless of which version of the paint.net you are using (Classic or Microsoft Store).  If you find duplicate effects in the Adjustments or Effects menu, delete the outdated effects from the folder C:\Program Files\paint. net\Effects. Outdated effects in the folder Documents\paint.net App Files\Effects will be replaced automatically.


ZIP of .dll files:



How To Install Plugins


Adjustments menu
Dynamic-Contrast.png  Dynamic Contrast - an adjustment that allows you to create images with high contrast.


Intensity-RGB.png  Intensity RGB - an adjustment that allows you to change the color intensity separately in the R, G, and B channels.


Saturation-RGB.png  Saturation RGB - an adjustment the saturation of the red, green and blue colors each one separately.


Transparency-RGB.png  Transparency RGB - changing the color transparency separately in the R, G, and B channels.


Effects -> Artistic menu
Color-Sketch.png  Color Sketch - an effect that simulates a sketch with color pencils.


Dragan-Effect.png  Dragan Effect - imitation of the photographic effect of Andrzej Dragan.


Linocut.png  Linocut - imitation of Linocut printmaking technique.


Reticulation.png  Reticulation - pseudo-effect of reticulation.


Scratch-Art.png  Scratch Art - an effect that simulates the Scratch Art style.


Sponge.png  Sponge - an effect that simulates painting with a sponge.


Effects -> Blurs menu
colorblur.png  Averaged Color Blur - blur of edges by averaged color.


Effects -> Color menu
cr-icon.png  Color Range - selecting the objects in the image by color.


Eliminate-Dark-Light.png  Eliminate Dark/Light - removes dark or light areas from the image or selection.


Effects -> Render menu
Lines-Grid.png  Lines/Grid - drawing straight lines or grid.


Effects -> Stylize menu
Emboss.png  Emboss+ - enhanced embossing effect.


Neon-Edges.png  Neon Edges - simulated neon glow around the edges in an image.

Effects -> Tools menu
centerlines.png  Center Lines - drawing centerlines on the added layer either in the center of the canvas or in the center of a selection.



ZIP of plugin installer:



ZIP of .dll files:



For those who, for some reason, can not use paint.net 4.2.16 below is a zip archive of the Color Range and Eliminate Dark/Light effects for the non-localized Color submenu.


Edited by ReMake
Updated Plugin Pack and Installer
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Thank you ReMake. Downloaded & hope to have a play tonight. 

EDIT: I did have a play & so far my fave is the Dragan Effect on the plant images. Eliminate Dark/Light also worked well in the Brighter Days Ahead image.

I have included the original underneath so you can see the difference.


Thank you @ReMakefor these awesome plugins!







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Added images
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Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Posted (edited)

Updated RM_EffectsPack.zip and RM_EffectsInstaller.zip due to localization the Color submenu of the Effects menu in paint.net 4.2.16. Download the Effects Pack from the first post.


For non-English users, the Color Range and Eliminate Dark/Light effects are available in the localized Color submenu.

Edited by ReMake
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