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I'm writing a effect plugin manipulating images in different ways and make a version of each. But I'm not able to get current filename of original image so I can save the different versions of the image related to the original image.

Is there somehow a way to retrieve the current filename?

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OK, @Rick Brewster, nothing to see here.  Go play some Golden Flute 4 (The Flute of Immortality)... or Skyrim!


Is he gone?


OK, good.


Read this: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/110300-saving-selection-coordinates/?tab=comments#comment-522042



The code is a little old and may need to be adjusted... I think there are more entries in the recent files list... And, this was before there was a "*" to indicate unsaved changes.


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@BoltBaitPlay down. If you accept your code then you also have to accept doing it via reflection. Using reflection would need less code and would be more appropriate. Nobody talked about banning. Why not provide a suggestion to get the full filename of the active document? Then you can discuss pros and cons doing it in an effect plugin. I.e. would it break Ctrl-F (Repeat effect)?. So relax :beer:. We all know what you are doing to support paint.net and the users 🙂.


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