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Help Needed in fine tuning a Shape in ShapeMaker

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I have difficulty at times getting shapes to meet exactly at the correct points. I am sharing the xaml code of a RubberDuckie shape for an example. The beak lines do not meet perfectly with the body of the duck. Where in the xaml file do I manually change the numbers so that they meet at the correct point since when I try to alter the image in ShapeMaker it just goes slightly over the line or just shy of it. Thanks to you all ShapeMaker gurus 🙏.



    Geometry="M 231.9,193.45 A 2.36,2.36,0,0,0,227.96,192.29 C 224.11,196.15,218.03,198.65,211.18,198.65,210.53,198.65,209.9,198.61,209.26,198.57 A 10.79,9.95,1.87,1,0,194.32,192.78 A 14.65,14.64,2.28,0,0,190.07,204.04 C 190.07,212.97,199.52,220.21,211.18,220.21,222.83,220.21,230.91,212.86,232.28,204.04 A 25.63,25.63,0,0,0,231.9,193.45 Z M 194.32,185.87 A 8.63,8,-9.83,0,1,191.87,186.07 A 7.6,7.6,0,0,1,189.88,185.75 A 1.06,1.06,0,0,0,188.57,187.08 A 3.53,3.53,0,0,0,189.59,188.74 A 7.85,8.87,-3.2,0,0,193.55,191.24 M 198.16,185.87 A 1.72,1.72,90,0,0,201.23,184.33 A 1.72,1.72,90,0,0,198.16,185.88 Z


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Here are some steps for this specific situation.

1. Maximize the window, if you haven't done so already.

2. Edit menu -> 'Auto Scale Shape'

3. Zoom in to 10x

4. Disable 'Snap to Grid'

5. Move your points.


3 hours ago, Ladybug said:

Where in the xaml file do I manually change the numbers so that they meet at the correct point since


Unless you can interpolate all points of a Bezier Curve in your mind, manually editing the XAML correctly will be impossible.

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