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Blank section in the middle of printing

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Hello. I have been (happily) using paint.net for several years. Today, all of a sudden, I get a 5-inch-wide strip of white down the center of anything I print. It's like there's a white section blocking the printing.

I have tested the printer (HP LaserJet 1022) and it prints other documents just fine. So it's not the toner cartridge.

Can anyone help med restore paint.net so that it will print correctly?


Thanks! Ted Steele

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Noticed a few posts here regarding partial image prints.  I am having the same issue. 

I print full page images and all that prints out is a strip of the image along the left edge. 


I did have a windows update 2 days ago.

I can print these images using other programs.


I am able to successfully print images from paint.net by setting the image resolution to 96 instead of my usual 300.  Think some type of buffer problem?


1 text file of diagnostics page

Printer canon TS5020


Thanks for any help.









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That's great news!


I should have welcomed you to the forum too...so welcome :)

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