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Easy way to create multiple images where only the text changes?

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I am trying to create a series of images where only the text changes, but remains at the same vertical position. I have the text on its own layer, but I have to create a new layer and manually line it up to the previous one so it's at the exact same height, save it, and repeat. Is there an easier/faster way to do this? 

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For "exact same height text" text use the same font and size. 


For the exact same position in a layer: 

- Use any of the alignment plugns ( e.g. @xod's Align Object or @KrisVDM's Object Align ) to align your text at one of the canvas edges

- Use @MadJik's Paneling plugin to place the text in the precise position you need to. The effect values will remain the same every time you run the plugin in the same PDN session.



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That helps MJW, thanks!
It's hard when you start doing more complicated things, and there is no one to show you how to do it. I had to look at many YouTube tutorials on how to do this stuff. The problem with that is that everyone does it in a different way, and you can't really understand what exactly you need to do.
I almost gave up on it, but I found a few cool things on the Crello website. I downloaded royalty free vector images, and they made my work look much better. It's fun when you start making good stuff. I am sure that people will like my work when it gets finished.

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