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black border around picture.

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I am trying to get a black border around a picture. I tried to use canvas to make a black border but when I fill it in with the paint bucket it darkens the whites in the picture. Is there something that you have to do to prevent this from happening. I also watched several tutorials on layers but I am totally lost. Thanks

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Hi @Davev and welcome to the forum.  🙂


There are other plugin alternatives such as these:



And I believe there is a built-in border plugin.  All these plugins are found under the Effects-->Render drop-down menu.


You can apply the border directly to the layer that contains your image (but you will cover some of your image) ~or~ create a new transparent layer above and apply it on that. This way you have more control over the border and your image.  Good luck with your project!


Here is another alternate if you want a 'fancy' border:



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2 hours ago, Djisves said:

My personal favourite and one I use quite often is @MadJik's Frames:


Forgot about that one!  Excellent...

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The way I would have done a simple black or any other colour border before reading some of these alternative solutions would simply be to open the picture in a layer above a larger transparent canvas and use BoltBait;s Outline Object plugin. Then I'd pixel perfect select the image plus border and use the Image menu Crop to Selection tool.


Alternatively I'd have opened the picture on a larger black canvas and selected/cropped that in the same way.  

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