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Simple Addition, "Create New Palette"

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Adding a new option to the palette drop down to make a new palette with all blank transparent colors would be nice. Technically this can be done by manually picking and changing all the colors to transparent white and then saving that as a template but I feel like the amount of work going into that warrants a better alternative within the software itself.


Below is a rough and simple example of what it would look like and what it would do. I feel this would be valuable to people who like using specifically made color palettes for all of their different works.


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Find any existing palette file and delete the color information. Save the file as Blank.txt in the same location.


If you don't fancy that, copy this into a text file


; paint.net Palette File
; Lines that start with a semicolon are comments
; Colors are written as 8-digit hexadecimal numbers: aarrggbb
; For example, this would specify green: FF00FF00
; The alpha ('aa') value specifies how transparent a color is. FF is fully opaque, 00 is fully transparent.
; A palette must consist of ninety six (96) colors. If there are less than this, the remaining color
; slots will be set to white (FFFFFFFF). If there are more, then the remaining colors will be ignored.


The resultant palette will be filled with solid white.

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I appreciate the workaround but this is still a worthwhile suggestion. For convenience itd be better to offer a blank palette option/creator without any need for user setup. Something as simple as an empty palette shouldnt be something a user has to set up for themselves.

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23 hours ago, Greymanz said:

Something as simple as an empty palette shouldnt be something a user has to set up for themselves.


Why not? It's a rare occurrance. You might almost say its a one-off request (as in - I've never seen this asked for before). As such, there is little benefit in the Dev spending time on it, especially when the workaround is so easy.....




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