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How to invert a PdnRegion

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I spent some time to figure out an easy way to invert a PdnRegion but failed.

Assuming there is a selection containing the whole image with a hole in it. How can I get the PdnRegion of the hole?

Tried Xor and Exclude but the results are strange. I checked the Bounds of the inverted region. Typically they show x/y=0/0 and width/height=right and bottom of the inverted region.

Any ideas?


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I guess I looked to the wrong bounds method GetBoundsRectInt32(). The basic version GetBounds() returned the expected rectangle of the hole. No idea why GetBoundsRectInt32() returns 0/0 and the right/bottom values in the rectangle.


            propInvertedSelection = propSelection.Clone();
            RectangleF invertedBounds = propInvertedSelection.GetBounds();


Now I just have to figure out how to use the PdnRegion as a standard Region without using the RegionScans.

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