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ZoomIn plugin

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Hi all,


I'm fairly new to PdN and I was wondering if there is a plugin that would allow me to build this kind of effect.  I've browsed the forum and found how I can build this with many steps but I was wondering if there's a plugin that would llow me to build it faster.ZoomIn.jpg.f4493415f428f502cbddf6f13daa9793.jpg



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Hello @Gilapoin and welcome to the forum :)


1.  Have your starting image on its own layer.

2.  With the Ellipse Select :EllipseSelectTool: draw around the area you want to enlarge, and then Ctrl + C to copy it.

3.  Make a new layer and paste the selection.  With the selection still active, pull the nubs until it is enlarged.

4.  Deselect the circle and then use an Outline Object Plugin in red.

5.  Make a new layer and then draw out with the line tool for the red line.



I hope I understood you and that this is what you were looking for :)

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Thanks for your quick response.  I was familiar with this process.


I was looking for a quicker way to do the same thing.  iPhotoDraw has a tool called the image magnifier that does this with just a couple of clics.  


You select the tool, you drag an ellipse around the area you want to magnify, and the tool creates a new layer with a magnified view of the area.  You can even modify the focus area and the magnifying value afterwards...  I was hoping there would be an equivalent in PdN. 

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An alternative way to Pixey's, using the plugin Paste From Clipboard (by MJW)


Edit/Select all  , Copy :EditCopy:, New layer :LayersAddNewLayer:, Deselect :EditDeselect: - make new elliptical selection :EllipseSelectTool:, Run Paste from clipboard, Deselect.
Outline the object and draw the arrow however you like.


No select all emoji/icon? 🙄

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20 hours ago, midora said:

Such a plugin may be possible (a little bit tricky). Plugins can not create new layers but this is not an issue because you can duplicate the layer in a first step.

I will think about it...


I'm actually in the process of doing something like this (not as a pdn plugin, but as a gmic filter for gmic plugin, and it can actually be turned into a gmic-pdn plugin since there isn't a need for dynamic gui. 10 options.), and yes, it is pretty tricky. But, then again, I have decided to add shape options, and style which complicates things.

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