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(Solved) Can't install Store version

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Hi. I've bought Paint.net from Microsoft Store but never able to download it, such that I have a paid version on my PC.  Microsoft's page says "You Own it" and there is a button to install. I think I could not download it at the time because my PC was not known to Microsoft Store. But as of today the store does see my laptop, but still cannot download/install.  Is there actually a paid version of Paint.net insumuch that it's different from the download you can get from Paint.net? I thought there was some advantage to buying Paint.net, but forgot what they were.

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5 hours ago, ardneh said:

I don't know that there is an advantage to the store version beyond being a way donate to support PDN.


You never have to manually update it. It updates automatically.

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I've just managed to install the paid for version. I had to make sure my PC is recognised as a device by Microsoft Store, then I had to install thru the Microsoft Store App, which I can access from the taskbar on my PC. So, issue of MS store-bought install is solved.

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