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Install from Windows Store

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I've used Paint.net for many, many years. I've always downloaded the .exe file and run that to install. I've never had a problem working with the program, including adding a huge number of effects to the software.

Recently I had to "Reset" my computer, and lost everything that was not part of Windows 10. But, since I save 100% of my work on another drive (not C:\), that keeps me from having to shoot myself after I reset.

So I decided for the fresh install to download and install from Windows Store. BAD idea!!! I thought it was nice to throw a little money at the developers. But...Windows installs the software under - C:\User\{name}\Documents\paint.net User Files - for the main folder. I spent an inordinate amount of time finding that information.

I then followed the instructions to create the Effects, FileTypes and Shapes folders which are "outside" of the main PDN folder. Ok...so I've done that, added a couple of my effects to the proper folders and...that didn't work.

Specifically I'm trying to create a simple favicon. The single IcoCur.dll is placed in the \paint.net App Files\FileTypes with PDN closed. I opened PDN, opened the file I want to use to create the .ico favicon, then attempted to Save As then selected .ico


I remember that I had a little difficulty making the correct selections in order to create favicons in the past. But I'm getting nowhere today.

By default, there are (I believe) 8 (4 sets) of sizes selected. I left that alone and tried to save. Didn't work. I tried again to save but deselected all but 32x32 32bit, 32x32 8bit, 16x16 32bit, and 16x16 8bit - didn't work. Then I deselected all but 16x16 32bit and 16x16 8 bit...didn't work. I even went down to just 1 selection - 16x16 8bit...no dice.


I found and ran the troubleshooter, posted the code and it found nothing was wrong.


I'm going to reboot now, but since that's never been an issue previously I haven't yet. But if it's this big a pain to install add-ons for PDN, why in the world would I install from Windows Store?! If a reboot doesn't work, I'm going to uninstall and then reinstall using the downloaded method.

I'm happy to throw some money at the developers. But I know now, do NOT install from Windows Store! What a nightmare. It also seems to run slower than if I install from the download.

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I don't think this is due to it being from the Windows Store. That's not really a fair conclusion to make from your experience. You're using a plugin, and the plugin may just have some bugs in it, or it just doesn't work the way that you expect it to.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Here's what I found, after all of the above and rebooting.


The initial problem was that Windows was blocking a protected folder in which Windows installed PDN, but I never got a notification saying such.

When I realized that, I uninstalled that version, downloaded and installed the "typical" version, installed the ico plugin and it's back to work!


The plugin I was using prior to the reset was working great - right up until I had to reset the computer. So I knew I had the plugin working previously.


I hope you didn't read my post as pointing fingers at anybody other than Microsoft. I love PDN! That's why I've used it since the early 00's. I've had a lot of people laugh at me for not using Photoshop instead...even though I proved to them I can do anything with PDN that PS can do.

And hopefully nobody using the "Store" version will have the issue I had.

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