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alias vs. basic antialias?

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I assume you're referring to two plugins (Alias & Basic Antialias).  Those two plugins are opposite of each other.

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Anti-Alias:AntiAliasingEnabled: and Alias:AntiAliasingDisabled: are very different things.

Alias is when there is a shape on your canvas with nothing else to it. It makes the edges of shapes jagged as they aren't softened.
It looks like this:
Zoomed In:

Anti-Alias softens the edges, so that this jaggedness is gone.
It looks like this:
Zoomed In:

I would use Anti-Alias as it looks much better and smoother, however I would use Alias if you are making pixel art or want it jagged for some reason

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yes indeed, that what i ment were both plugins.

as i am new here, i really do appreciate your answers.

what i did (and do) not understand was following:

 "alias is designed to destroy antialiasing before running the amazing plugin, feather."

feather i now know what it is, but the part above is a mystery to me.

the pictures were a great help to understand some basics.

it could be not more simple, yet not more clear to understand.


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5 hours ago, john23 said:

the smoothness was what i was looking for, not the jagged edges.


Alias = the "stair" effect when zoomed in

Anti-alias = no-stairs


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13 hours ago, john23 said:

the smoothness was what i was looking for, not the jagged edges.

Another very popular antialiasing plugin is dpy's AA's Assistant. You'll probably want both Basic Antialias and AA's Assistant. They work differently, and which one is best depends on the particular situation.


As you probably already know, they work on the edges of objects (non-transparent regions on a transparent background), not on, for instance, black shapes on a white background.

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thanks to all for your kind efforts.

things are much clearer to me now.

as i have been helped that much already, would it be impolite of me to ask you if you maybe could describe the difference between AA's Assistant and Basic Antialias?

i downloaded them both and still cannot figure it out, when one is preferable to the other.

the text provided to AA's Assistant still is a bit like chinese to me:


"this is plugin to soften the edges and to adjust alpha. - ?

you can use it to soften the edges. - ok
it is more effective when you use it after basic antialias. - ok
when you are unchecking soften the edges, you can adjust alpha without curves+. - ???
for example , when you use it after feather, you can fine-tune alpha. - ???"


it is not neccesary that i have to understand all this, but it would be nice to know when to use wahqt (and maybe why).

i hope that one day, i will be able to give some explenation to others who will be new and uncertain in the future.

and if so, it will be partly thanks to the support i experienced.

kind regards,



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