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Fill canvas when I try to delete?

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So I just got paint.net today, so excuse me if this is a super dumb question with an easy fix. I started using paint and following a tutorial, which was just telling the basics, and said to do ctrl+a and backspace to delete everything. I tried this and the canvas just filled up with the color I had selected. If it means anything, the only thing I changed in the settings was switch to dark theme. It would be great if anyone could help me in any way. 

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Backspace is the shortcut for Edit -> Fill Selection. What you want it Edit -> Erase Selection, for which the shortcut key is just Delete.


No bug here, just using the wrong command.

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Welcome to PDN to the forum @melikeVr.


It's obvious the tutorial instructions are wrong. To help the community, it will be nice to point us to the tutorial, if it is on this forum, so the author or a moderator can correct the instructions.


In general, it's better to ask questions about specific tutorials on the tutorial topic. This way you get answers specific to the topic and help better to improve the collective knowledge.

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just found out, I actually am just really stupid, and had my insert and delete keycaps switched around, and I tried to press the insert key. Also, the tutorial was on YouTube for a more specific thing I want to do, and it wasn’t wrong, I was. Thank you all for your help.

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