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Collage plugin?

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I want to make a single grid 'collage' of multiple pics/thumbnails for reference to help me identify key images within multiple picture folders.


Obviously this could be done laboriously manually or just altering Windows view settings to show thumbnails on folders but I don't want to do that. 


So I was just wondering is there a PDN a collage plugin with a grid template(s) where, like some other standalone graphics tools, multiple images can be imported to populate the grid automatically?


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Nope. Not to my knowledge. This is the closest Collage Paint, but it appears to be incompatible.

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The PNG Sprite Sheet Matrix plugin has turned out to be pretty much what I wanted.


With the advice to use the Layers > Import From File I can do what I intended very easily and create a 'thumbnail' sheet of all the primary ID photos from a large set of archives. Less resource demanding than using the thumbnail folder options and actually more convenient as the ID sheet can be copied anywhere.     


Only thing I'd suggest is the name of the plugin be changed. It might be technically correct but it does not tell the casual user what it actually does and consequently a useful tool might be overlooked. 


So thanks for the advice again and thanks to the PNG Sprite Sheet Matrix plugin creator most of all.




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