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How to use Paint.net to make a fade effect print ready?

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Hi All,

Im trying to create a file to print on a tshirt and it has faded edges.. so imagine a sunset image with the edges blurred and faded so that it fades into a white tshirt


Now while i can fade easily in paint.net, transparencies don't print on tshirts.


Theres this awesome tutorial on youtube  (below) but its for adobe.. but i want to use paint.net and not sure if its possible.

It seems the key missing step is that in this photoshop tutorial they convert to pure black and white bitmap, select the blank space and delete.. so this captures only some of the pixels creating a fade effect. However on Paint.net i cant create a bitmap and have this black and white pixelated effect on which to use apply the magic wand so that it doesnt capture the full density of pixels.


Is it possible?

If so, how...

Just spent the better part of 12 hours trying to figure this out.. fingers crossed theres a way..



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Hello @ninap1979 and welcome to the forum :)


Perhaps try this.


1.  Have a black background layer.
2. White smoke on a new transparent layer.
3. Select the white smoke with the magic wand on flood mode, and take the tolerance really low. (I used 4%)
4. Deselect the white smoke and copy to clipboard. ( Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C)
5. Merge smoke to black background.
6. Use Paste Alpha found in @BoltBait's pack, on default.

7.  Then use your favorite soften edges plugin - I used Alpha Blur.





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