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Using history and comment in picture


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Peraps is me who use the tool for something not really perfectly, but when i had comment in an image it's happen sometimes i had made an mistake in the choice of the word.

So i look at what i had read a rewrite it.

The plugin history when we had text doesn't allow (or i doesn't find yet the button) to erase the first comment without delete the second one...

So it's not really effective for me. 

I think it's possible to use scan to do it but i like ergonomic tools.

Thanks for the reading !

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Hello @gotgot and welcome.


Make comments on a separate layer then you can delete / replace portions of text.
I also use the following method:
I write the text in a Notepad file then copy and I open Paint.net and after choosing the text tool I paste the text.
I always use a transparent layer for this.
This way I have access at any time to the text in the Notepad file that I can change it as I wish.


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