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Changable Keyboard Shortcuts?

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I'm sure it's a pain, but being able to change an action's keyboard shortcut would be VERY useful! Not just for me, but others who may find it backwards the when adding/subtracking a selection,  ALT does not ADD. With my Music Design Software, ALT adds notes, ALT+SHFT adds sharp notes, ALT+CTRL adds chords.

The long story...
I have a Logitech Heavy Equipment Side Panel. I've written a program to translate the button presses to key presses. But, I'm having a issue with the PageUp and PageDown keys. My software can't send the correct keystokes so that I may use the Scroll Left & Right feature. And yes, I can hear you saying "You want us to reprogram our software because you can't program yours?", well... embarrassingly guilty, yes. :(


Thank you for your time and consideration

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