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[suggestion] Alpha Grid Colour Changer

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Sometimes it can be hard to see the image with defaulft alpha grid colours...


My suggestion is to add an "Manage alpha grid color" button on the "Colors" window [pdna01.png]


It allows you to quickly select one of 3 patterns - "White grid" (currently used), "Dark grid" (original pattern with dark colours used) and "Plain gray" (both light and dark grid parts have the same gray colour so alpha channel shows just as plain gray colour) [pdna02.png]


- or use your own - just enter hex colours of dark and light grid parts in a window and press "OK". [pdna03.png]







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I always supported this idea because there are cases where different colors would really help.


Maybe it would be enough to extend the 'Primary' / 'Secondary' combo by the items 'Primary Grid' / 'Secondary Grid'. Which would disable alpha and just allow to select the colors.


I'm not sure if there would be an effect on rendering speed.


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