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Black and White Only Effects Plugin

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Black and White Only

This is an effect plugin that is found under the 'Adjustments' menu. It allows the user to choose a level of grey, and any pixel which is darker becomes absolute black, or otherwise pure white. So whereas the built-in "Black and White" option makes the image "Greyscale", instead this plugin renders the image only either black or white, no grey at all.


It's a bit like making the image greyscale before posterizing to just a two colour palette of RGB(0,0,0) and RGB(255,255,255). In other words, each pixel's RGB values are mean averaged to grey before deciding whether to replace with #000000 or #FFFFFF, based on the user's choice.


Here's the download:



Source code repository:
https://dev.azure.com/intrepidis/_git/Intrepidis PaintDotNet Plugins


The build pipeline:
https://dev.azure.com/intrepidis/Intrepidis PaintDotNet Plugins/_build?definitionId=2&_a=summary


See below for the example before and after images, and an example of the interface.

Black and White Only PaintDotNet Plugin unchanged.png

Black and White Only PaintDotNet Plugin with change.png


Black and White Only PaintDotNet Plugin interface.png

Edited by Intrepidis
New download with the corrected installation instructions.
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@Intrepidis Hello.  Your download link is not working. It's throwing a 404 error. Could you investigate this, please? Thank you.


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@Intrepidis Thank for fixing. I noticed your 'Read-Me' file says to put the .dll in the 'FileTypes' folder.


It should go in the 'Effects' folder and is found under the 'Adjustments' menu.


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@Intrepidis please have a read through the recently published guidelines. There are a couple of suggestions in there which will help users find out about your plugin (P6 & P10)

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52 minutes ago, Ladybug said:

@Intrepidis, @lynxster4, @Ego Eram Reputo Just an FYI but when I download it, the file gets flagged as a potentially harmful file. Anyone else get that?

I did not. I have my heuristics set to High.

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16 hours ago, johnff said:

t very briefly opens the page and then closes it...any idea why? many thanks...


Hello @johnff and welcome to the forum :) 


It took me 6 attempts to get that link to download.  I have no idea why :( 


Anyway, I have copied the folder to my Dropbox and perhaps you can download it from there alright:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gal75h8m4nvv5nf/AACD_lq04L-fizwRPCurva9Ea?dl=0 

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