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Colour Wash-out

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Hi: I'm trying to figure out an issue I'm having using Paint.net. I've been painting over existing textures where paint kits are not available. I have not had any issues with products from Aerobask, Carenado or X-Hanger. I am though having some issues with this particular aircraft in that as the hours progress from mid day to late evening, my painting washes out & the original underlay comes through. Is there something I'm missing & not doing correctly or is it something to do with the plane program as I'm not having issues with the others. Please help as I already have submitted a couple of paints onto X-Plane.org & would like to make any corrections if I can. Thanks & looking forward to a responce.


dga15p - 2021-01-17 12.10.51 PM.jpg

dga15p - 2021-01-17 12.10.03 PM.jpg

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