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Since upgrading to Windows 10 on a new PC and having downloaded the latest version of Paint , when I click the print option I no longer see the layout sizes in the 'printing wizard'.  As seen on the right in this attached image The only choice I have is full page photo. Is there a work round or is my my printer not compatible with W10?

printer wizard.png

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9 hours ago, Mickynoshoes said:

Is there a work round or is my my printer not compatible with W10?


You'll need to ask the manufacture of your printer.  We have no control over how your printer works, or how the Windows Print Wizard works.

(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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Thanks Djisves The image I attached was one I found on the internet. I tried to print an image that I wanted to print in several smaller sizes on a the same page. I never selected PDF.


Toe-Head2001. The printer works with other programmes but none of them have the option to print smaller sizes as Paint. Net does.. or did in windows 7

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Thank you ardneh... It looks a really useful programme and I have downloaded it. The paint net print wizard gives a choice of how many images you can have on one page. Perhaps this image shows some of the other print layout choices that were available in windows 7 as you can see by comparing both images there used to be a good selection of sizes. I used the wizard when I was making flyers.  It was simple and quick to use. Your suggestion probably does the same but a quick try didn't come up with with a simple menu like the Paint wizard.. But thanks for your help


printer wizard 2.png

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