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Moving 4 sided polygon area to a rectangle area?

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Ok this is really hard to explain in words so I'm just going to use some pictures
I take a photo in 3d space, could be in real life or in a virtual setting
In that space I have a flat surface, like a painting on the wall or something
Because 3d photos aren't orthographic (2d viewing) they skew the surroundings
So my painting on the wall could be this shape:
What I want to do is turn it into this shape:
I know the painting/surface is in reality a rectangle, but in the phot it's, well like I said before, skewed.
I assumed I could do this with the layer 3d rotation, and I got pretty good at lining up corners
But by lining up one corner it skews the others, I need to be able to drag and stretch that specific section of the image

The thing is, I'm 99% sure I've seen this done before, and it seems to me to be a useful application of image editing software
It's just, I have no idea how to do it or even what to look up. I have no idea what this is called.
I've tried some plugins for dragging sections of images, but that doesn't really work...

If there is any plugins you think might work, it'd be appreciated if you may link me to them
Or if you think Paint.Net can't do this, or another program does it better, then also letting me know would be very useful
I mean literally any information at all would be greatly appreciated, I honestly have no idea what I am doing anymore

And sorry if I come off as rude or too blunt, Just trying to be clear cut and I'm kind frustrated with myself, usually I'm not this bad xD

But yea, thank you if you can help, or for just reading my plight

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