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My main use of Paint.NET is taking numerous screen grabs and hacking them all together to produce a new image for use in my own software.

This leaves me with 1 image saved and sometimes 10, 20 30 or more unsaved images that I don't want. To tidy up ready to do more work, I like to close all the images, but closing 30 unsaved images individually (with a confirmation for each) is pretty slow. So I usually close/reopen Paint.NET.

It would be nice to have a Close All option on the menu that acts the same as when closing the application (show the dialogue of all unsaved images and allow confirmation) to avoid this. I know this is only a small time saver, but I would presume it is a fairly trivial task to implement. Any chance of this being considered?

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This is on the (infinitely long) TODO list. For now, File->Exit followed by relaunching the app is the way to accomplish this.


I've been hesitant to add this feature because it could be pretty easy to click on accidentally.

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