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An Eye-Opening Tutorial

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An Eye-Opening Tutorial - Selection Bound Bulge


With this image the goal is to expand the 
pupil while retaining detail in the iris.





Plugins used:
Align Object

TR's Pixel Sharpener



Open the image.

Add a New Layer.


Make a Rectangular Selection around the image.
Leave some room around it.


Use Paint Brush to make a six pixel red dot near the center of the pupil.


Use Align Object plugin effect, to center the red dot in the selection.  
Effects > Object > Align Object


Press: M      Move Selected Pixels tool.


Use arrow keys to center the red dot in the pupil.
You may want to Zoom in.


Ctrl Shift X       Crop to Selection.


Make red dot layer not visible.


Make Background layer active.


Magic Wand the white area. Tolerance 65.

Ctrl I     Invert Selection


Use Effects > Distort > Bulge at settings of your choice. I used 55.




TR's Pixel Sharpener at default setting.
Effects > Photo > TR's Pixel Sharpener

That's it.



Please remember to recycle all unused pixels. 🙂

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