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need to create a lattice texture (for fishnet stockings)

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Hello, I need to create a costume texture with fishnet stockings but all I have is this low res texture, I was hoping to be able to create it from scratch in paint.net. I don't need the background just the "lattice" criss cross texture and transparency of course. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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The basic element can be created with BoltBait's Grid/Checkerboard plugin,  followed by a 45 degree rotation with Rotate/Zoom. You can then apply various adjustments, such as blurs, to get the look you want. You can create the cloth weve on another layer using the same plugin with a much tighter grid.


EDIT: Probably a better plugin to create the main fishnet texture is MadJik's  Hexagonal Grid.


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Another way is to:

Set secondary color to alpha.


Fill a selection by Paint Bucket set to Diagonal Cross.





Expand selection to fill the canvas.




Duplicate Layer twice, merge all three layers.

Apply AA's Assistant plugin effect.

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