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Happy 2021

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So we think 2020 was bad. Personally, some awful things did go down. However, I can remember years too that were bad. Endless drought, fires, floods, illnesses that we were not sure of surviving.
Globally we survived, challenged ourselves & grew. Changed, learnt new things, evolved. Left behind people & things that no longer served to build us up.
Each year I have started the year with what I would like to see in the coming year. In thinking about this I have come too realise it has all come true one way or another. It depends on your attitude on how you view things. This year will be about attitude & gratitude.
Attitude becomes a manifestation, good or bad. It can serve you or hinder you.
Gratitude helps keep you focussed on what is good, to walk that little bit lighter & kinder on our Earth.
The image is one I took on my phone, enhanced in PDN, of some of the beautiful things my son & I saw while on our beachcombing day. Focus on what you have...it is the moments that matter.
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Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Being fortunate enough to survive Covid-19 and with two vaccines in the UK currently being rolled out, I do feel a lot more positive about 2021. Just remember folk, keep safe and follow guidelines from your health organisations, Covid-19 can infect anyone and not having no current treatment for those who have it, it's all down to your ability to fight the illnes (not pleasant) 


That said.


Happy & Healthy 2021 to all. 

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