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EnchGA's Art Gallery [Updated 30.07.2021]


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(More info in "About Me" page)


This topic contains all of my arts i made in Paint.net
I like Paint.net because of it's simplicity. Right now i'm thinking about moving to another art program such as Clip Studio Paint (because i bought it). So if i'll completely move from PDN then consider this topic as my archive...

If you have doubts about these arts been drawn in Paint.net then i can show you the projects (PDN files) of these. Glad i save them all the time after i finish them.



yes, there's too many of em. no, I didn't made all of them for short time, I forgot about this topic exists and i've been uploading arts on twitter.

2021 Artworks



2020 Artworks

AigelMHUBZH9.pngjnWz7va.pngb34kbUW.pngRowJbed.pngxRG8cBl.pnguSBrZlv.pngzsQ98QZ.pngbL2PlMp.pngxRG8cBl.pngLI7hVrq.pngs2jif4h.pngLAXeSuX.pngKENVkot.pnge1xGaF4.pngBeLjrB1.png0nzyDNo.pngTRHeeV9.pngCLJCkHG.pngLUoaQqb.png8V0zBjM.pngDRPnpbb.pngslC42iV.pngdci87kV.pngK6zBWpF.pngyH5L270.pngXGWtcDw.pngv64XC0V.png1bZRdhX.pngJ4LJFrH.pngxXkm5AV.pngz2CUe8Q.pngFFevNdU.pngIySDBf9.pngRkFBAH1.pngBQaQl3b.pngtQh92pt.pngAbCfxJk.png6OwPO0H.pnghRva3OZ.png Opoqa7Y.pngU4cAywZ.pngpOOis5G.png0vJxHQU.png2l4lfEh.pnggEQ4Ftx.pngDV1M5Vq.pngOtzHyR8.pngIqBZ4lc.pngvTHmjIB.pngBfgBmN6.pngpf8pa1b.pngnBfxId5.pngSOIU279.png


2019 Artworks



2018 Artworks



Edited by EnchGA
Added new arts from April to July (yes I revived this topic and I still draw on Paint.net) + Fixed the date oops
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