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Best way to read 10+bit colour in a plugin?

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Hi All,


I'm a graphics developer coming over from making shaders in HLSL, one thing I'm really keen to try and make is a nice layered HDR (like, real HDR) bloom effect for some of my photos.


I've played around with BoltBait's tutorials and have a basic understanding of how to make a plugin now, but I'm still a bit unsure as to the "best" way for me to get pixel data that's greater than 8bpp and read it in a plugin. IE: If I have a 16bit .tif, and I select that and read a pixel's value in a standard plugin, will that pixel colour value be returned correctly in 16bit? So far I've found it hard to tell when just experimenting.


Thanks in advance,


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2 minutes ago, DragonFox said:

if transparency isn't required, you could perhaps steal the alpha bits to go from rgb(8) to rgb(10) with 2 bits left. 


How viable this is i don't know. 

If you want black and white 16 bits, I think that this is doable with a file export that export the value to B&W 16 bit. But, then you would need a plugins for that too.


Not viable, but that's the best you're going to get with higher depth in pdn.

G'MIC Filter Developer


I am away from this forum for undetermined amount of time: If you really need anything related to my PDN plugin or my G'MIC filter within G'MIC plugin, then you can contact me via Paint.NET discord, and mention me.

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