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i need help to find a plugin

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I don't think that is what the user want. I think he wants every colors in the picture at once. I did make "Color Existence Distribution [RGB-8]" for gmic-qt. Run it in a target picture. Then press cntrl+v, and paste as new image. Now you literally have all colors that exists or does not exist in the picture.

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Hello 'Derpium', welcome to the forum.


This is an upgrade of my 'Poster' effect. Use the 'Options' drop down and averaged colours can be written to the canvas. Hope it's what you're after?


Poster update zip file hosted on my site (https now!)

*! NOTE: It will crash if used in a selection smaller than the canvas - don't do that;-)  🤪


(I had intended to make the first 96 saveable as a palette but got stuck using TH's VS templates).

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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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