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size of new image Ctrl+N

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Is it possible to change size (resolution) of new image? When select new one Ctrl+N it Pain open the box you can adjust size of image. Optional is only 290x316 pixels, which is very small. Always needs to add 1 to front of each values to get reasonable size image like -> 1290x1316 pixels. Why Paint cannot remember last selection?


It is possible to save new values somehow?





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When creating a new image, the size of an image held in the clipboard will be used to set the new canvas size. So if you create a selection, copy it, then create a new image, the new canvas will be the correct size to accept the selection.


Ref: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/FileMenu.html

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It's also possible to have a taskbar shortcut 
open paint.net with the file of your choice.


(Some prefer to have PaintDotNet open to
a different canvas size, some don't like the 
white background layer that opens by default, etc.)


Create and save an image file of your choice.

Open file Properties and set to Read Only.



Open Properties on a PaintDotNet desktop
shortcut, in the Target box paste the file path
of your image file of choice after the existing 
PaintDotNet.exe path.


The image file path must be in quotes, and there needs

to be a space between the two paths.


On my PC:

"C:\Program Files\paint.net\PaintDotNet.exe" "C:\Users\14152\Pictures\8Cx6C STOCK.pdn"


When done you can drag the shortcut 
onto the taskbar.

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