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Suggestion: add the actually used bit depth in the save-as-PNG dialog

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The autodetect bit depth is obviously convenient and works exactly as intended, but it would be nice if the bit depth it has chosen for the image was shown somewhere too.


Working on texture resources for game engine purposes, my targets aren't happy if you give them a 8-bit png with 1-bit transparency instead of 32-bit -- the issues I've encountered is transparent pixel color info being lost and sometimes the end result is just a mess of colors with no transparency at all. That is to say, the resulting file is accepted by the engines but can end up having insidious glitches that aren't immediately apparent.


Obviously I can just choose the correct bit depth manually, but it's easy to miss that your image ended up as 8 bits or less instead of 32. Also, saving something that has no transparency as 32-bit instead of 24-bit is also a bad move in many cases (alpha sorting being problematic for 3D engines) so I can't just leave that on.

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