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Resizing or rotating destroys color data on zero-alpha pixels


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I often work with game engine textures where the color data even on fully transparent pixels is important. If you resize or rotate something, all pixels become #00000000 instead of #00rrggbb. Not a pressingly big issue since generally it's fine to scale from high-resolution work version to the final size first, then apply final alphas, but it has caught me on a couple occasions.


I checked the following:

  • image resize always produces #00000000 regardless of chosen scaling method
  • layer zoom/rotate, even at 90 degree angles, produces #00000000
  • image flip/turn (counter)clockwise or 180 work correctly
  • layer flip/turn 180 work correctly
  • selection resize/rotate produce #00000000 with bilinear/bicubic, work correctly with nearest neighbor
  • selection moving works correctly with all modes


Edit to add: Windows 7, paint.net version 4.2.14 if those make any difference

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This happens because of the math that's involved in alpha blending and compositing. It's unavoidable for the most part, except for simple cases like when Nearest Neighbor sampling is used.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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