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I just started to use paint.net and I need help with swapping color values.  I am re doing textures and what I am coloring is mostly red, but each pixel is a slightly different shade so I can't use the recolor tool.  All I want to do is switch the red value with the blue value and keep everything else the same.  I am a noob, so you might have to explain in detail what I have to do.  This process would be much easier than taking each pixel and manually swapping the red and blue values.  Thanks

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6 hours ago, 4cidic said:

each pixel is a slightly different shade so I can't use the recolor tool.


Yes you can (and should). This is exactly what the Recoloring Tool is for.


See this image. Red is pale on the left and full saturation on the right. I've recoloried some of it blue using the recoloring tool. Notice how the blue strip is also pale of the left and more heavily saturated on the right? The Recoloring tool did that automatically.




I posted a mini tutorial on the Recoloring Tool here:


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