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Arbitrary rotation?

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Hello @tsiam - welcome to the forum :)



Activate the Move tool :MoveTool: Right click and drag. The number of degrees is shown on the Status bar.


REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MoveTools.html#9


If you hold down the Shift key, the rotation will snap to 15 degree increments.


Pro-Tip: Move your pointer quite a distance form the centre or rotation before holding down the right button. This will give you more control over the angle.


Pro-Tip2: You can use the keyboard arrows to fine-tune the rotation. Keep the right button down & hit the arrow keys to move the cursor minutely in the direction of the key.


If you're looking for a way to type in a set rotation, try Ctrl + Shift + Z (or Layers > Rotate / Zoom). Use the top slider and or text box. (it doesn't respect selections, so put your element on it's own layer prior to running it)

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