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How to turn a circular image into a straight line

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Hey, I'm trying to see what I can use to take an image that is a circle or loop, and straighten it into a line. I've looked around on here for anything, but haven't had any luck so far. Any ideas, or is what I'm trying to do not possible/complicated/<insert verbiage here I can't think of at the moment>? Uploaded image I'm trying to manipulate for visual necessity as I know I can be confusing when I try to explain something, even IRL... <facepalm x1000>

Circle to (attempt) to straighten.png

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I think there is a plugin called Polar to Rect. Check the plugin forum. 

EDIT: Sorry, the plugin is no longer working...




Try this one:




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This is as straight as I could get it with shape 3D.  Delete the black background first, then use AA's Assistant.


            < click for larger >


Then you can cut off the straight bit afterwards 😄

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1. Run Polar Transformation (Angle - 60, Scale 200).


2. Use Paint bucket from the Tool Panel (color Black) to "restore" the black background.


3. Run Liquify from @pyrochild's plugin pack. Make Size about 150 and straighten the line manually, it is easy and takes a few seconds.




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