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Resize from the Center?

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I've been looking for something to do this for a while. The only mention I can find of something similar is this thread from back in 2007:

Unfortunately it seems the linked program was deleted at some point since it's giving me a 404.

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The last link in that thread is to a long-ago forum post, not a program/plugin. It probably pointed out a technique as a workaround.


Try this:

  1. Make a selection
  2. Copy your selection (Ctrl + V)
  3. Paste it into a new layer with Ctrl + Shift + V
  4. Centre it horizontally & vertically using one of the object align plugins
  5. Open the Rotate/Zoom dialog (Ctrl + Shift + Z)
  6. Resize with the Zoom slider

PS the thread you posted in is old. I'll split out your question into it's own thread.

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