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How do I make a mask (black) for an image?

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I am looking specifically to add a black key-hole shaped mask over an image....I tried working with that alpha mask, and am actually getting quite good with it, but I want the opposite! :roll: LOL oh, and yes, I've been a member for a while, but lost my info and had to make a new profile. I don't participate much, but use the heck out of the tutorials! I've made my own bookcover and once it's released I'll show it in here since I made it using mostly paint.net.

Thank you!


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Greetings cdgrant777.

You say you want the opposite out of the mask? Have you tried the checkbox option 'Invert Mask' in the plugin? That has the same effect as switching the black with the white of the mask. Alternatively, on the mask itself, you could invert the colours with the menu command Adjustments > Invert Colors, resave the image and try again.

Or, have I misunderstood you completely and you want the opposite out of something else?

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but dang, I sucketh royally with layers and blending. *sigh* :roll: I now still have to get these 2 images 'together' LOL I feel so inept at times, but it's not like I have a whole lot of time to play with it LOL but I've been up all night working at it until I wanted to throw my computer out the window!...I won't give up though!

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