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Can I improve the quality of my pictures?

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Hello @Onii Chan Hentai and Welcome to the forum :)


Are you talking about photographs, or an image you made in Paint.net?


Please post an example and we can look at it to give you any advice we can.


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

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The question is: why did you make the image so small (256x128) when you knew you wanted to make it bigger? How much bigger and for what reason: on screen use only or do you want to print it?


If the detail is not there in the picture there is a limit to how much it can be made bigger and still maintain good picture quality.


Having said that I've just enlarged it from the original 256x128 to 1000x512 and it doesn't look that bad. There are what look like JPG artifacts around some 'cloud' edges, its far from sharp and the sun more dodecahedron than circular. But so much depends what you actually want to use it for.


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