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Latest release, where has the crop function gone?

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I have used Paint.net since it exists it is my go to to save a screen shot, crop it as needed and save it.

Since the last release that I recall was just a few weeks ago

I see the crop function click on it but it jumps to the edge of the window and I can not pick any other space

All I see it the CROSS arrow of my mouse but I can not make a window to pick an desired area of choice

to crop out this window?   How can I solve this problem?


I have not changed anything in my WIN10setup

I have only upgraded my Nvidia Graphic card that works very well with my 3D softwares etc


Thank you.




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Hi Vic, welcome to the forum 😊


The tool is Image > Crop to Selection. You need to make a selection to define the crop region, then hit Ctrl + Shift + X or Image > Crop to Selection


Ref https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ImageMenu.htm

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I think the OP's problem is that he's lost his selection tools.


@vicarious1, the selection tools are in the tools floating window. Press the little "hammer" button on the top right of the PDN window to restore the Tools window. Press the other buttons next to that to restore the other three floating windows, i.e. History, Layers and Color. (The keyboard shortcuts are F5, F6, F7 and F8).


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Hi @vicarious1

I followed your steps to determine the real issue.

When you do a screen capture and paste it into Paint.Net, it asks you to resize the canvas to accommodate the larger image.

When you click yes, the selected tool changes to the "move selection" choice. When you click on crop to selection, the tool remains in the move selection mode even though no selection is active. At this point you need to select the "rectangle select" icon in the tool menu to be able to select your new boundaries.


What I do is after I paste, I change the tool to "Move Selection", adjust the boundaries, then crop to selection.

Hope this helps

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