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I am obviously missing something - help please!

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First off - thank you for an awesome Paint app! 


Two questions about some extremely basic functionality I am not figuring out how to access.


1. I have a selection made in my image using the lasso selection tool. Now I want to adjust the color balance within that selection. A simple slider like slide the "R" to increase red within the selection or slide the "G" to decrease the green within the selection. Sounds simple but I do not know how to do that in this app.


2. I cannot find the user setting for remapping common keyboard commands so I can be more efficient in my work flow. Even such basic functionality as using mouse wheel to zoom image  (currently I am forced to abandon what I am working on to move my mouse down to the lower right corner and click the "+" button to zoom in or the "-" button to zoom out and then move the mouse back and yes maybe that sounds like a small thing but when you are spending hours fine tuning what the image looks like against backgrounds and need to decide if you need to use more dithering or less or blur or manually remove a few more pixels here and there etc etc etc having to continuously move down to click a button really begins to add up when you could just be scrolling the mouse wheel) is hidden away somewhere. I checked FAQ and looked everywhere in your GUI to find it before posting this.


Any help much appreciated.  Thank you!

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Hello @RepoMeister and welcome to the forum :)


If you select an area with the lasso selection, then go to Adjustment and Color Balance and the sliders are there in the plugin.  One such Color Balance can be found in @BoltBait's plugin pack found here.


Have you seen the shortcuts here?

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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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3 hours ago, RepoMeister said:

basic functionality as using mouse wheel to zoom image 


Control key + mouse wheel 😀


There are dozens more shortcuts in the list @Pixey linked to in the post above.


Remapping of the shortcuts is not supported within the app. Do try the shortcuts. They really do work in the default configuration.

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