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I read that Paint.Net is able to save in DDS Volume format.  Can anybody give me pointers on how to do this?


As a test, I created a 64x64 image with some transparency, and duplicated the layer so I have 64 copies of it.  No matter what options I select in SaveAs->DDS, Paint.Net tells me it needs to flatten my image to save it.  I would like to create a 64x64x64 volume texture.


I have Paint.Net version 4.2.14, and I have copied the 3 DLLs from Bundled/DDSFileTypePlus into FileTypes.


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18 hours ago, jjfoerch said:

I read that Paint.Net is able to save in DDS Volume format.  Can anybody give me pointers on how to do this?


Paint.NET has never supported loading or saving DDS volume textures.


Volume textures, mip maps, cube maps and texture arrays are all DDS features that could make use of layers, the difficult part with implementing layer support is finding a good way to present those options in the save configuration UI.

This may also require a load configuration UI for some DDS types, e.g. allowing the user to choose how a cube map is loaded.


It would be easier to implement if Paint.NET allowed FileType plugin to analyze the Document when configuring the save configuration UI.

Cube maps and mip maps require a specific number of layers, so these options could be disabled/removed when those requirements are not met.


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